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Welcome to our Baths Department

Because your bath is the focal point of your bathroom, we have carefully selected a range of high quality brands that will spoil you for choice. We also have a range of accessories and fittings to compliment any of the baths you choose.

Freestanding Baths

There is no doubt, a freestanding bath is certainly a stunning feature. We can offer a fantastic range of freestanding bath styles, including modern, contemporary, traditional or roll top baths. Many of which come in a multitude of colours and sizes to suit any bathroom.

Rectangular Baths

Rectangular baths offer a better use of space and may suit a smaller bathroom than a freestanding bath. A rectangular bath is usually installed with 2 sides against a wall, even so there are still plenty of colour and sizes to choose from.

Please browse our collection at your leisure and remember our team of advisers are ready to help if you need them.

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